The Future of the SixtyFive Pre-Order

Jul 26, 2021Jason Tsay

Over the past month, the most frequently asked question in our community has been – when will orders for the SixtyFive close? 

Today, we are pleased to announce that we will be keeping SixtyFive pre-orders open into 2022.

In order to explain why we’re able to do this, we want to provide some context on our approach. 

The group buy format was originally created to fund small hobbyist projects. In the interest of protecting the organizer, a group buy only moves to production if a certain number of people join during a specific timeframe. Lead times to fulfillment are often long and uncertain (taking over a year at times) due to the legwork that must be done after that window closes. 

We currently offer our keyboards through a pre-order format. Long before our pre-order even opens, we put in a significant amount of time and resources to prepare for manufacturing. This greatly minimizes wait times for you, our community, to receive your keyboards. 

So what does this mean for the SixtyFive? All pre-orders placed between now and August 9th will be fulfilled in December 2021. Following this, our goal will be to ship your custom SixtyFive configuration within three months of when your order is placed.

We want to get the SixtyFive in the hands of everyone who wants one – no long wait times, no aftermarket prices, and no uncertainty throughout the process.

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