Sonnet 3D Printed Accent

Our team at Mode Designs HQ 3D prints these accent pieces in-house to perfectly complement your keycap set.

Accent pieces are printed in PLA on a textured bed to ensure a consistent finish on the top surface. Although each piece is unique and may have slight variations in fit, they should be friction fitted or can be secured with the M2x10 accent fasteners if desired.


  • Blue - Protopasta Blue Opaque HTPLA
  • Graphite -  Protopasta Obsidian HTPLA
  • Marble - Polymaker Marble PLA
  • Protopasta Galactic Empire Metallic Purple
  • Protopasta Fleck 'n Fire Red Glitter
  • Protopasta Black with Gold Glitter
  • Protopasta Seafoam Green