A limited collaboration of 50 fully assembled and individually serialized keyboards made to Justin's specifications.

About Justin

Justin Tse is a dynamic technology, lifestyle, and home content creator who was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia. He has transformed his love for technology and visual media into a thriving career where his content spans the latest in consumer tech, lifestyle, cars, home, and travel, capturing the attention of millions worldwide. Notable partnerships with industry giants like Apple, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, and Google have solidified his reputation as a trusted voice in the tech community.

With a keen eye for design and a healthy obsession for crafting the perfect desk setup, Justin brings his refined taste and attention to detail to this collaboration, where we set out to create the perfect centerpiece for his ever-evolving desk.


Over the years, Justin has crafted numerous videos showcasing beautiful workspaces, eventually expanding his expertise to interior design projects. In all his endeavors, raw materials have consistently been central to his design aesthetic and palette selection.

For this project, a specially developed satin grey anodized finish pairs with dark grey polished stainless steel accents to create a bold yet neutral presence for any desk setup. The elegant gunmetal tones interact dynamically with light throughout the day, complementing any accessories and serving as a perfect centerpiece for a desk setup that is always evolving.

About the Release

Limited to a 50 unit drop, each Justin Tse Edition Envoy is fully assembled with a white on black keycaps, smooth linear switches and a carbon fiber plate. Units are engraved with Justin's logo and its respective serial number out of 50.

The board is available on a first come first-serve basis and limited to one unit per person.