Quality Disclosure

Internal parts of the keyboard case may contain minor imperfections which are not visible in a fully assembled board. Small machine marks and signs of tooling such as indentations, scratches, as well as bubbles, pitting, and minor variation in anodization grain and electrophoresis coating may be present in the interior of the case. Hook marks may be found on the inside of the top case as a remnant of the anodization and electrophoresis coating process. 

We anticipate some minor imperfections on the mirror finish which may include rippling, waviness, or distorted reflections. Some light swirling or polishing marks may be visible and are a remnant of the process to bring the part up to a mirror finish. This is all normal. Some small marks and inconsistencies may exist between pieces from the same batch because each piece is individually polished and treated.The handcrafted process of sanding and polishing parts may influence their flatness.

Some small variations in gaps may exist between the backpiece and top and bottom cases. While we are optimizing these gaps and tolerances, it is realistic to expect slight variation in the gap throughout the piece. 

There may be variation in color between pieces of the same color. While every effort has been made to accurately reproduce colors, there may be minor variations between different batches.Because of the many variations between screens and browsers, lighting, photography, and rendering, we cannot guarantee that the colors you see online will be an exact representation of the colors of the actual product. We have taken care to ensure that the colors are as true to life as possible