Mill-Max 3305 Sockets

Why 3305?

Mill-max 3305 size sockets are the best sockets for most Mill-max keyboard projects. They are the shortest length socket with the thinnest lip in the Mill-max MX switch product lineup. 

Sold in Packs of 50 - $12.50 per pack ($0.24 per socket). 

For a 60% keyboard or 65% keyboard purchase 3 packs of 50 sockets.

For a 75% keyboard or TKL layout purchase 4 packs of 50 sockets.

For other keyboard sizes, multiple the number of switches in the keyboard by 2 and ensure that you have some spares as well. 

What are Mill-max sockets?

Mill-Max sockets are a mechanical keyboard soldering accessory that allows the conversion of a solder-only keyboard PCB into a Hotswap PCB. After Mill-max sockets are soldered onto a PCB, MX style mechanical keyboard switches can be quickly exchanged without continually soldering and desoldering switches. Solder once, Hotswap forever. 

The Mill-max 3305 socket length is shorter than the distance of the MX switch leg that sticks out on an underside of a PCB, so you do not need to worry about collision between the socket and inside of your keyboard case.  

The manufacturer part number number of the Mill-Max sockets is:

Polyimide Tape:

We recommend purchasing a roll of heat-resistant polyimide tape to use while millmaxing your PCB. We offer a 0.5" wide (12.7mm wide) spool here. After dropping a row of millmax sockets into your PCB, apply a strip of polyimide tape across the row on top of the sockets to hold them in place. Flip the PCB over and solder the millmax sockets in place, then peel off the polyimde tape off before installing your switches.