Sonnet Mounting Blocks


Five types of mounting blocks that can be interchanged to customize the typing feel of your keyboard to be more soft or firm.

Each bag contains:

  1. QTY 5 Lattice Mounting Blocks - Carbon EPU41 Black
  2. QTY 5 Lattice Mounting Blocks - Carbon EPU41 Green
  3. QTY 5 Isolated Top Mount Blocks - Carbon EPU41 Green

The lattice block mount combines Carbon’s DLS printing process and Voronoi lattices to create a dreamy, flexible typing experience. The mounting blocks slide over tabs extending from the edge of the Plate. The Plate and PCB assembly with mounting blocks attached is lowered into the keyboard chassis and captured within the top case when the bottom case is installed. A slight overlap of mounting block between the top and bottom case provides some isolation/dampening between the top case and bottom case halves of the keyboard for a natural "force break".