Tempo Chassis

Crafted with extreme precision, the keyboard chassis is the backbone of Tempo, offering structural integrity and customization opportunities that reflect Mode's passionate commitment to personalization. Constructed from CNC-machined aluminum 6063 extrusion and meticulously finished through hand sanding, bead blasting, and a choice of anodizing or e-coating for various color options, the Tempo Chassis is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

From an industrial design standpoint, we've embraced the symmetric 60% layout on the bottom row, unlocking a unique design language that sets this chassis apart. The innovative floating wedge effect is achieved by subtly angling the front side of the board beneath the blockers, resulting in a mesmerizing visual illusion. When placed on your desk, the raised edges create a diffused shadow that makes the board appear to float slightly above the surface, offering a captivating visual experience from any angle. Elevate your keyboard aesthetics with the Tempo Chassis and experience a blend of functionality and artistry that's bound to leave a lasting impression.

Silver Anodized aluminum
Grey Anodized aluminum
Green Anodized aluminum
Mirage Anodized aluminum
White E-coated aluminum
Cream E-coated aluminum

Tempo keyboard kits come shipped in a carrying case by default. Extra Tempo keyboard chassis do not come with a carry case.