Updates: First Edition, Pre-Order

Nov 10, 2020Jaicob Stewart

First Edition

Batch 2 - 11/17

We are still on track to start the second drop of the First Edition on 11/17. In addition to solderable PCBs and FR4 plates, the following extras will also be available now.

  • Hotswap PCB option
  • Polycarbonate extra plate option

The sale time for this drop will be 5pm PT, and EAP members will have access 5 minutes beforehand.


We have a handful of b-stock boards which we have added to our website available for immediate purchase at a discounted price.

Starter Bundle

The starter bundle is on track to be available on 11/17 as well, and will now come with a 67g T1 switches produced by JWK. We are currently running a giveaway on our Instagram page for a free bundle, check it out if you’d like a shot to win one!


Our pre-order will open on 11/24 and will feature 6 new colorways which we will provide more information on in the near future.

With the significantly increased volume of the pre-order and ongoing efforts to optimize our designs and manufacturing processes we are excited to announce that we will be able reduce the price of the Eighty sold during the pre-order. We are still dialing in the exact amount and will provide another update soon.

Upcoming Streams

There are several great streamers who plan to build an Eighty next week, be sure to drop in and say hey to them!

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