Updates: First Edition, EAP System, FR4 Plate, FE Feet, Pewter Switches

Oct 24, 2020Jaicob Stewart

First Edition

Batch 1 - 10/31

Batch 1 of the First Edition will go on sale at 5:00pm Pacific Time on 10/31/2020. Please refer to our previous update for more information on what options will be available

Batch 2 - 11/17

Batch 2 of the First Edition is still on track to go on sale 11/17/2020. Initially batch 2 was only going to be sold as a bundle which includes keycaps, switches, and stabilizers. However, we will now be able to offer the bundle as a separate product so that folks can purchase just the base kit if they would like.

Mode EAP System

The Mode EAP is an early access program which allows a subset of our discord  members to access the store a few minutes earlier than the general public. We started this as our way of saying thanks to those who have been with us since the beginning. Depending on how this initial test run goes we will create more opportunities for folks to become EAP members in the future.

How it works:

If you joined our Discord server in the first week that it was started then you have been given the “EAP” role. Five minutes before the start of the sale our “EAP Bot” will come online and you can use it to receive your access link and  single-use passcode.

mode eap screenshot

FR4 Plate

If you haven’t already, we recommend checking out Bueno Build’s stream which features a first look at our new FR4 plate. Below is a photo of it as well, courtesy of our discord server member, keebrealtor.

We’ve done some additional testing on our end and have found that the FR4 plate works quite nicely without the top gaskets installed. It provides a slightly softer typing feel and does not have any noticed negative impact on the sound. We’d like to give you the opportunity to try this out as well so we will be shipping the top gasket uninstalled with our FR4 plates.

FE Feet

We have received the replacement feet for the Founders Edition, if you have experienced any issues with the fit of your feet or if they have fallen off, please create a support ticket for us at support.modedesigns.com and include your order number, or send us a message at support@modedesigns.com. Replacements will be sent to you free of charge, including shipping.

If you have already contacted us  about replacement feet, we will be following up with you in the next few days.

Pewter Switches

We have a small number of pewter switches on hand now and will provide an in-house typing test and first look in the coming weeks. Once we have received our full delivery, we will plan to send out switches for review.  For now here is a quick sneak peak.

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