Updates: First Edition, Plates, Hotswap PCBs, FE Feet, Pre-Order

Oct 13, 2020Jaicob Stewart

Thank you again to everyone who participated in our Founders Edition raffle and Vickrey auction. We're grateful for the support you all have shown and we've been hard at work to get the First Edition boards into your hands. Also, thank you to everyone who has provided us with feedback. It has been well received and I'm happy to say that we've been able to incorporate most of it, namely adding plate materials, broader layout support, and a WKL option for the pre-order.

First Edition

There has been a few weeks delay on the bundle option. In order to prevent delays for those who just want the base kit, we have broken the First Edition release into two sales. Information on each is outlined below. 

Batch 1 - Base Kit

  • Target release date: 10/31/20
  • Quantity: 150
  • PCB: Solderable only
  • Extras Available
    • Solderable PCBs
    • Alu, and FR4 plates
      • Note: If you purchased a Founders Edition board we will ensure you have the opportunity to purchase a FR4 plate.

Batch 2 - Bundle

  • Target release date: 11/17/20
  • Quantity: 300
  • PCB: Solderable or Hotswap
  • Extras Available
    • Solderable and Hotswap PCBs
    • Alu, FR4, and Polycarbonate plates


Based on feedback we received from the Founders Edition sale we have updated our plate designs to support multiple layouts and new materials. We will be offering these as extras alongside the First Edition sales, and will regularly stock them moving forward.

Solderable compatible plates

  • Moving forward will support, Tsangan, stepped caps, split right shift, and split backspace
  • FR4, and PC options will be offered as extras

Hotswap compatible plates

  • Will support both 6.25u and Tsangan bottom row on the same hotswap PCB (Thank you, Gondo!)
  • Offered in aluminum only for now.

Once we have received our plate prototypes based on the changes we made and verified the design we will share the plate files on our website.



  • We have updated our hotswap PCB design to support the Tsangan layout in addition to the standard bottom row layout.
  • We are working on getting our firmware added to the QMK and Via projects. In the meantime, to use Via,  please download our keymap from support.modedesigns.com and import from the Via app.

Founders Edition Feet

We have received reports of some damaged or poor fitting feet from the Founders Edition sale. We have ordered replacement feet and will be sending those out free of charge to each person who purchased a Founders Edition board. Moving forward, we have redesigned the feet to prevent issues in future releases.


We’re planning to open up the pre-order immediately following the First Edition sale. We will be introducing new color options, a lower price point, and expect them to ship at the beginning of 2021. We are currently finalizing the colors that will be offered, if you haven’t already please provide your input in our poll on discord!

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